Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Birthday Run - 24 Laps to Celebrate

I did it! To celebrate my birthday, I set off on a jogging journey. I've got a nice play list to join me on the jaunt. I choke up a bit at some of the songs (in italics). Make me wish I could celebrate back in the East Coast. But I make do in Los Angeles. I'm out of bed early and ready for the asphalt.

5AM - I am out of bed and getting dressed for the run

5:15 - Spelt torilla and almond butter for energy

5:30 - The streets are empty save for the LA Times delivery van. There is a perfect 1/2 mile loop that runs around my neighborhood. I'm going to complete 24 laps to celebrate the 24 years I've been hanging around this blue marble.

6:00AM - Feeling good. Started off slow, but picking up the pace a little.

6:30AM - Time for Chocolate Cliff Shot. Gross. Too thick. Tastes like frosting.

7:00AM - Do I really have 3 miles left? I've been listening to songs from my past that mean a great deal to me. I choke up for a couple of songs (in italics) that make me wish I were celebrating on the East Coast. But I keep on running!

7:30AM - Lap 23 - I decide to reverse my run. Lap 24 symbolic of my journey. It's tough, but within the toughness I feel strong. I had a long week of running, and my legs were like lead. They are venturing that way right now, my body is doing more work than my calves can do at the moment. But I make it. I can always find the kick at the end, the extra energy. And to finish on Seger's "Against the Wind" was really fitting.

7:35AM - Happy Birthday Emily - time to dig into a bowl of cereal and an egg sandwich.

8:15AM - Set off to work with a calming sense of self.


Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day
My Wish - Rascal Flatts

Don't Stop Believing - Journey
OB-LA-DI,OB-LA-LA - The Beatles
See You Again - Miley Cyrus
Real World - Matchbox 20
Hannah Jane – Hootie and the Blowfish
Daylight Fading - Counting Crows
Rock With You (Single Version) - Michael Jackson
Savage Garden - Chica Cherry C - Savage Garden
Down - 311
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
Little Victories - Matt Nathanson
Total Eclipse Of The Heart – USC SoCal Vocals
Rehab (Remix) [feat. Jay-Z] - Amy Winehouse
Walking in Memphis - Marc Cohn
Breathe (2AM) - Anna Nalick
Forever Young - Rod Stewart
Touch My Body - Mariah Carey
The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
I'm a Flirt (feat. T.I. & T-Pain) - R. Kelly
Its All Coming Back To Me Now - Celine Dion
In Da Club – 50 Cent
You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder
What's Your Fantasy - Ludacris
Switch - Will Smith
Snake (Feat. Tigger) - R. Kelly
Together Again - Janet Jackson
Faith - George Michael
Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
Against the Wind - Bob Seger

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