Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chicago, IL

Making my way through Chicago. It's not as cold as I expected...
2124.5 miles since August 2006 ... and you know what ... it doesn't get easier ... it just gets more ... "normal"

Fitness Journal

Sunday, January 27, 2008


When I was little, somewhere around the ages of 4 and 5, I used to try and ride my dog, Max. He was a black lab/German Shepard mix who was a fun and loyal dog, a little vehicle for my mischievous mind.

Max got sick at the end of his life, and my Dad had to put him to sleep sometime around my 11th birthday. I was too young to know, but I'm sure this was one of the hardest days of my dad's life.

Well, until I have a child to name Max, I have to settle for some inanimate job to carry the brand.

Meet Max:

He's a Cannondale and he's worth one month's worth of paychecks. He'll help me cross train, he'll give me something to look forward to on the weekend, and most of all he'll give me another outlet for exercise. I am far from transitioning from marathons to triathlons, but I figure its never to early to start a rec sport I can do the rest of my life.

On the marathon front, I did end up getting to 30 miles this week. I did almost 11 on Saturday ---painful on the hips--- then a light 3.8 on Sunday in the rain. Yeah, it rains in California. Once every three years. I look forward to sun for the next 900 days.

Monday's only a couple hours a way. Hope you have a great week and check in soon for new updates!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Back to Basics

There is something very comforting about being one week out of a marathon. You spent the previous week working hard, eating right and focusing on the 26.2-mile task at hand. There is focus, determination and performance.

Being two weeks out of a marathon...well, that just puts you back to square one. In most cases, this is the farthest point you will be from the next race. There is no runner's high. There is very little glow left from your last race. In a sense, you are in a no man's land. Trying to balance recovery and sanity is not an easy thing.

Marathon week I logged 60 miles between the walking around Disney and the race. Post-Disney, I took 3 days off from running, then decided it was time to get back on the pavement. There is a rule of thumb that you need about 2 weeks to recover. Thankfully, I am young and spry and happy to hit the trails with minimal rest. This will change as I get old(er), but for now, I am happy and healthy to get running within 72 hours of race day.

Last weekend, over the 3-day holiday, I logged a short 6.5-er and then a 9 mile run to work. This weekend, after a short 30 minute workout Tuesday at 6am and a sprint workout this evening, I will try and chase another 15 miles down to average a 30 miles/week schedule. For a recreational runner, 30/wk is a nice place to be at.

Work is hectic, so running is my second priority. If I can get 12 miles in during the week, I can complete the other 18 over the weekend. Thankfully the vacation on Monday this week (Even though I went to work for 3 hours --- ran there an back to log my 9 miles) threw me a bone.

So here I am, the farthest I will be from the Goofy Challenge, from the Anchorage full, the Santa Barbara half and now, the newly added Disneyland Half (with my friend Amie!). It is a bummer of a place to be. So far from reaping my reward. But step by step, mile by mile and hour by hour I will get myself there. Until those is "cup cup cup"* each week.

*The reference is from In These Girls Hope Is a Muscle, a wonderful book about high school basketball. Read it for motivation.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some Pictures from Disney

Some photos from the Walt Disney World Full Marathon:

The Countdown Begins

Hey, thanks for visiting the site. For those of your who found their way from "New Kid on the Strip, thanks for sticking with me.

This blog will detail my year of training for Disney's Goofy Challenge. In Jan 2007, I ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. In Jan 2008, I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon. I have confirmed my registration for the 2009 Walt Disney Goofy Challenge, and this blog will detail a year's worth of training.

The Goofy Challenge is Disney's combined half and full marathons during race weekend. On January 10th I will complete the half marathon at EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom. On January 11th, I will complete the full marathon to all four parks.

In the meantime, I will run my teammates in at the San Diego Rock 'n Roll as a mentor on the Los Angeles (West side) Team in Training Team. And I will also complete the Anchorage AK Mayor's Marathon on June 21st, 2008 - another event with TNT.

Other races are yet to be determined, but I thank you for checking in on me - a recreational foodie with a running habit.

Happy trails... or pavement, whatever the road may be.