Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Miles in Connecticut

The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.
- Joseph Wood Krutch

I planned on a four-day vacation in CT to see my family, but the #snOMG storm of 2010 cut my trip short by a day. It wasn't the February grey I remember growing up under, but a couple days of chilly weather renewed my appreciation for Los Angeles.


Thankfully, my mom and I planned to do her final long run for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on Friday. We ran 10 miles around a nearby town that, according to my mom, is much flatter than where we live because it is in the CT River Valley.

I brought my blackberry along the two-hour run so that I could capture New England in the frigid (read: 30 degree) weather. Below are some of the shots I captured.

Half of our run took place at a new community trail along the CT River

The trail along the river and into the woods was mostly gravel - good for the knees

Where I grew up, this part of New England, is very quaint and congregational

Nature, up close

The Connecticut River

Open Spaces

We headed into a more populated area for a couple of miles before returning to the trail

We returned back to the car, conveniently parked at Panera. Bagels and coffee before heading home

Next weekend, my mom will run her second half-marathon. She started running about 6 years ago, and completed her first one, also at WDW, in 2008. After the half, and after I complete the full (more later on how I will be walking the full with my good friend, Chris), we will vacation at Disney for another couple of days. The perfect week!

Monday, December 20, 2010

20 Miles in the Rain!

Encouraging folks to run long distances, like 20 miles, is a tough challenge. There are doubts, concerns, and fleeting worries that stand in the way of completing the goal. Throw in some insane California weather - Rain Rain Rain!!! - and it makes for a tricky Sunday morning.

But that was the challenge of this weekend. Our TNT folks training for the PF Changs Rock 'n Roll Marathon on the third week in January had a 20-mile run scheduled. I knew I needed to lighten the mood a little.

Across the twitter-verse, my friend Lisa was in Texas, longing to be in Los Angeles (don't know why though, given the rain!). I had joked a while ago that we should "Flat Stanely" her for one of our runs.

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
In the words of Joey Tribiani: "Put your hands together!"

So for our 20-mile workout from Santa Monica to Brentwood and back, we brought @bemadthen along for the ride! Below is the picture journal!

What a suprise, look who joined us!

Wow, look at the size of this Pringles can

Channeling Rhianna - Umbrella, ella, ella, ella...

Go Team! 4 miles to go!

Swim time!

Choppy Water in Santa Monica. Let's get back, BeMadThen!

Lori, Tom and Louise's victory tunnel


Post Run Ice Bath!

For those of you who joined us on the journey via twitter, thanks for playing along!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Honolulu Marathon

Last weekend I was in Honolulu, HI to coach four Team in Training participants to their Hawaiian Marathon victories.

The best things in life aren't things. - Art Buchwald

It was an amazing day. I was joined by my close friend, Lori, who assistant coached the race for the seven hours we were out on the course. Lori is training for her own personal best marathon this January, and she is on track to be the top fundraiser for all Team in Training participants across the nation. Her story and her website is here.

Pictures speak a thousand words. So enjoy the ramblings below.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Lobby

View from our room - Upgrade!

Chilling by a palm tree 5 hours before our race day wakeup call

Two of the Four Superstars

The 4 TNT Superstars - $500,000 toward cancer research and a cure

The Starting Line Festivities

Mile 6, about to climb Diamond Head

Another view from the top of the volcano

Beauty of the course

Heading toward mile 9

Gorgeous Tree, Mile 18 or so

The "wow" moment - to be in this presence...

The sky as we climbed Diamond Head

Another sunrise shot, never gets old

Sky on fire

I call this the "Runrise"

Lighthouse at the top of Diamond Head

Silver Linings

Lighthouse at the top of Diamond Head

Mile 24 is a sweet view

View from Mile 25 - Top of Diamond Head

A Great Group of Marathoners in the Afternoon

A Great Group of Marathoners at Night

Me (in my Punk Rock Racing Shirt) and Lori celebrating the day at the Tapa Bar

Post-race eats! Ahi Sandwich