Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pure Joy

I’ve been in philosophical, writing mode for the last couple of posts. As a remedy, I invite you to meditate on an image I entitle, “Pure Joy”

Thanks, Mr. Huckabee, for the laugh.

I've had a couple of morning runs that feel something like this photo. But they obviously don't look as awesome.

I’ve started up my American River 50 training. The midweeks are simple: Tuesday – 9 miles. Wednesday – 5 miles. Tuesday – 9 miles. My weekend workouts range from 2-4 hours of running per day, though on Saturdays I tend to hit the bike for a portion. After the holiday break, I will be much more exclusive to the running gods. I’m psyched to get back on a schedule, as I haven’t really paid attention to one since IMCDA.

I’m running my midweeks at a 7:30-8:20 mile pace, between 5-10 miles. This week found me at around 8:20 for 10 miles and 7:50 for 5 miles. I’m not too concerned with pace, because the last time I training (Winter 2009/10) I was running a 9:30 pace, and we finished the 50-mile trek just under 10 hours. So, barring injury and illness, I’m setting myself up for another nice finish. The point of this race being completion, not competition.

Busy at work and with life, so little else to update on for now. Keep on soldiering on, my friends.

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