Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to (Iron) Life

Over the course of next couple days, I'll recap where I've been and what I've been up to during my nine-month absence from the blogging world. Short story of it all is that I just had to scale back my focus on endurance, and channel that energy into focusing on the rest of my life - what it means to be balanced, happy and healthy.

I got a new job, moved to a very different part of Los Angeles, met a whole bunch of new people, and really focused on getting outside of my comfort zone and opening myself up to the world. It has been worth the effort. My time away from "competing" has sacrificed a couple seconds off my mile time. But it is worth the calm, serenity and spirituality I never thought I would find, but did.

But now I'm back!!! I'm coaching the 2011 Winter TNT season with a wonderful co-coach and two amazing assistants. We are training our participants for the 2011 Santa Barbara International Half Marathon, the Honolulu Full Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, including the half, full and Goofy races.

Personally, I've got a challenge on the books for next year. Only 348 days until IRONMAN CANADA.

I've signed up to do the race with the Greater LA IronTeam because, frankly, training for an Ironman alone was very tough on me. And I want to meet some new people. So why not spend 10-20 hours a week with some charitable crazies?

Training begins in November.

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