Sunday, February 3, 2008

Long Run, Long Time til the Race

Got up this morning and my enthusiam fluctated between being psyched to run and wanting to just hang out for the day. I am due for a rest day, which will not happen until Tuesday, but until then, I keep on pushing. Yesterday was long, with TNT Kickoff taking up my time from 6am til noon, and then the rest of my life occupying the hours between noon and midnight. I rolled out of bed this morning late, around 9:30am. It's the latest I have slept since before the Disney Marathon. Kind of nice to get 9 hours of sleep...

So after convincing myself to get outside in the drizzle and wind that SoCal has recently been harboring, I hit to road for 10 miles. Took a new route that edged the north and west side of Griffith Park. As I was running, I thought about my training plan and how this run specifically would help at Disney.

For the next couple of months, I will be closer to the end of my last Disney marathon than I will be to the Goofy Challenge.

So how do you workout knowing that what you are doing is so reserved and remote from what you will do on race day?

Well, I have a couple of answers ... or justifications, atleast.
1) Running, cycling and moving are a part of my life, just like brushing my teeth, washing dishes and doing the mundance tasks of my life. I make exercise a priority...maybe too much and its something I am working on...but nevertheless, it is close to the top of my To Do list all the time.

2) Base training is crucial to exceling during the race. If I don't create a strong foundation of ability at this point, I won't be able to build upon it. If, by June, I can run a 9 min/mile for 10 miles without really exerting myself, I am setting myself up for victory.

3)Lastly, my training for Disney coincides with other events. Between now and Goofy, I have a fair amount of races notched on the belt. These take a slightly less importance of course. I am very excited to run my mentees in during San Diego, I am psyched to see Alaska, and I am going to have a wonderful time with Amie at Disneyland. But when it comes down to it, that second week in January, I get to run a half marathon with my Mom. And that is irreplaceable in itself. For 13.1 miles, its just us and the pavement (and 15,000 others) just making it through. We've both worked hard for that moment to come, and it will manifest itself in a memorable 2 hours. And as a celebratory gesture, I will run 26.2 miles the next day. Crazy, fun, magical and everything I can imagine it to be.

So 48 weeks out from the Goofy Challenge, I still have motivation. For whatever challenge you are chasing, I hope you do to.

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