Sunday, February 24, 2008

TNT Race Report: Week 3

Rainy, cloudy, and everything that Southern California is not - that is what practice at week 3 (and the evening's Oscars Ceremony) held for us today. Despite the weather, a cheery crowd of do-gooder-athletes and non-athletes alike hit the pavement for five miles in Santa Monica.

Steph and I showed up early to the tune of 6:30am to get in 5 miles before the formal team run. Steph was assigned the walking group this week, so she wanted to get a run in. I enjoy running so I joined up. We ran south along Santa Monica into Venice and turned around just before the normal waterstop-interaction and Washington Boulevard and the beach. We wore plastic bags to keep out the rain, but my sleeves, tights and shoes were soaked by the storm.

By the time we got back to base, about 50 minutes later, we were cold and wet. I felt like that "what the cat dragged in" euphemism. Nevertheless, once the participants showed up, I was ready to go. The second 5-miler was really enjoyable. Got to chat with a lot of people in group two. Great to see such a positive outlook this early in the season. Helped that the weather cleared up too. By the end of the run, Santa Monica was sunny again.

Next week we are in the mountains. It's one of the more challenging, but most beautiful runs of the season. Pictures to follow next week!

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