Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Promised Post - Many Updates

Once again my delinquency in not blog posting must be stopped. Here is the post that will do it! Below, you will read what has gotten me busy enough to suck away so much of my free time. But first…


After KP and I ran our first 30 miler a couple Saturdays ago, we had to run a 20 miler the following day. Our normal TNT Sunday practice was moved south to MDR. So we got up a little earlier and ran from Santa Monica to practice – approximately 11 miles.
Practice down at the Marina was beautiful, as you can see in these photos taken by our web captain Marvin.

With the team, I ran another 8 miles. I stuck to some of the groups than ran 11-12 min/mile paces because by that time, my legs were feeling pretty leaden. It was good training, though. I imagine that’s going to be a familiar feeling when we get on the race course in Sacramento.

After practice I jogged the final mile to brunch at Tony P’s Dockside CafĂ© Eggs never tasted so good.


On Saturday we finished our second and final 30 mile training run. This time around, we didn’t have to run a 20 Sunday. The schedule suggested it, but we decided it wasn’t necessary. Good thing, too, because my knees were really sore afterward. The long run went well. Hit up the gas station for a soda again midway through. And once again, Dr. Pepper was a lifesaver. Very refreshing, and very sugary.

I guess completing two 30s is as much confidence as I can give myself before this race. The schedule doesn’t recommend doing any more (and I’m not really jumping up and down to get any more training runs done). Now that those are “money in the bank” as they say, its time to focus on tapering.
Sunday turned into 11 miles with TNT in our usual spot. I walked about half of it with some of the walking participants. As always, it was nice to see some new faces and hear about others’ lives. Every has a different story – what they do for a living, how they started running, why they came to TNT. Storytelling makes the time go by.

Sunday brunch was great – reunited with two of my teammates, Brett and Lindsey, as well as my current teammate Maia. Got to hang out with them for a little before heading back to the valley.


Once I was on the road back home Sunday, I kept driving past my exit and over to Glendale. I signed up for 24 Hour Fitness membership, specifically to use their pool for aqua jogging. And I’ve been a member for only 3 days, but so far, I think I’ve gotten my (birthday present) money’s worth…

As we are in taper mode for this week and next, and because my “good knee” is now sore, I’ve taken time off from running since Sunday. In it’s place: Aqua Jogging, Stationary Bike, and Elliptical. For the past three mornings, and one more tomorrow, I have gotten up at the ungodly hour of 4:30am to drink coffee, get changed, and go to the gym. I work out for 1.5-2 hours in the pool and on the low-impact cardio stuff. After that, a shower and off to work, which happens to be only a couple miles away.

I am really liking the schedule. Getting into the pool at 5:15am to jog is oddly enjoyable and relaxing. It’s quiet. There are a couple people there swimming and doing aerobics. But for the most part, it’s calm. Meditative. Admittedly I am tired from getting up so early. But it’s put me back on my schedule of going to bed earlier. I don’t plan on keeping such a strict schedule (wake up / gym time) after the race. But for now, I’m digging it.

So pool workouts and low impact stuff for the rest of the week. Taper run of 12 miles Saturday and a mountain run Sunday will complete week 17 of the schedule.

I’ll try to be more diligent about posting next week!

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