Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snaps from this Weekend

Taper weekend had me working out 6 hours over 2 days instead of 9 or 10. Felt kind of weird. But some pretty pictures came from taking it easy.

Saturday: Planned a 60-mile ride in the morning before going into work, but a flat tire along a new route set me back. I changed the tire but neglected to thoroughly check for thorns, and there was one stuck in that popped my only spare. A very lovely old man came by and insisted on helping me. Alberto, thank you. I headed home with only 30 miles in my pocket. Ran a quick 5.5 tempo run before heading into the office.

Sunday: TNT practice took me 9 miles (8 run / 1 walk) and followed it up with a 17.5 mile ride up Mandeville Canyon with my friend and future St. George IM-er Louise.

No huge numbers to report. Will save them for this upcoming weekend. In the meanwhile, I'm logging sub-8 min runs regularly. I have some fire in these legs.

Pictures from my climb up Griffith Park to the Hollywood Sign

Top of the Mandeville Canyon climb

Santa Monica in Fog

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