Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have Not....

Running, biking and swimming are powerful actions, in that the rush of confidence and focus that provide during the workout and upon completion helps us, athletes, channel a level of greatness in the rest of our lives. Admit it: after a long run, a strong swim, or a killer bike ride, you feel like you can take on the world. Sometimes that world is "work life" or "family commitments" or "friendships". I think, at the core, that is one of the common threads among us endurance junkies: The proof that we can endure anything.

But there are these other things - goals, or what you will - that we have NOT done. We have NOT completed. We have NOT met...yet. Because much of the journey is in the experience and not the result, that is OKAY. It is OKAY to not know everything, have completed everything, achieved everything. Funny thing, the companyI work for just released a film the address what happens when someone gets what they want. Okay, so it is a "family film" ... but it is nevertheless an interesting notion.

So for you, dear reader and friend, and those who occupy both spaces, I give to you a list of my yet-to-do's in hopes that you can relate. And in the hope that you accept that just because you have not completed "X" yet does not mean it is not in your immediate or distance future.
Not Yet Achieved...

Completed an Ultraman

Qualified for the Boston Marathon

Written a book

Run a sub-20 min. 5K

Coached a Boston-qualifier

Run a sub-45 min. 10K

Had an office space (not cubicle) at work

Completed the Comrades Ultramarathon

Competed or completed in a 70.3 IM event

Won the affection of a man that wants to marry me

Broken the 12-hr Ironman finish

Started or completed a 100-mile run

...and these are in no particular order. And they are not my flaws. Each is a ray that makes up a sunrise of a horizon in my future.

Having an exciting destination is like setting a needle in your compass. From then on, the compass knows only one point-its ideal. And it will faithfully guide you there through the darkest nights and fiercest storms.
-Daniel Boone

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