Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rambling Week Update

I’ve gotten back into my training this week, having logged just over 23 miles during my midweek runs. It’s about comparable to my American River workouts for most of that 3-month season. Daylight saving is plaguing me as it is plaguing most of you – my mornings are darkness and evenings even darker. I hate the bike trainer, so until I have to saddle up for IMCDA training, I’m laying off my bike workouts to the weekends. And the pool … well, I suppose the pool will always be there for me. But I can’t say I’ll always be there for it.

Speaking of weekends, I’m in late to work tomorrow thanks to a cool boss who is appreciative of “smart” working in place of “pretend working when nothing is happening.” So I’ll hit up the bike tomorrow morning for a ride before I go in. I’ll be staying late for some meetings, but a couple hours in the saddle will take the place of a night run.

Saturday is a bike day, and I hope to complete something in the 80-mile range. Warm temps and nothing-to-do’s have me stoked for an enjoyable ride. On Sunday, our Honolulu marathon participants are running 20 miles, and our AZ half and fulls are running 10 and 16. So I am bound for a fairly big mileage day and a fairly hearty breakfast afterward. This week, however, I won’t be dressed as an egg.

My fellow coach and I after our 12-mile Halloween run

Yeah, this is an update-on-me post that is kind of lacking in the philosophy department. All I can say is that I am happy to be running regularly. No injuries (knocking on wood) and no reasons not to. Today’s 2-a-day workout was a good reminder that I am lucky to be able to do what we do: run.

And as a runner, an athlete, a worker, a person ... I can ask only for the opportunity to find my potential, take advantage of opportunities, and "burn, burn, burn" so that I live my life to its max.
I want to be all that I am capable of becoming. --Katherine Mansfield


Courtney said...

You're awesome! I only hope to one day be able to pull that kind of mileage myself. Keep up the good work and I'm loving the egg costume! ;)

Anonymous said...

She's back, she's back! I love it!

It's so damn dark in the morning lately that I actually don't feel safe running alone. It's a good way to guilt friends into joining me for a run ;)