Wednesday, February 29, 2012

179 Days til Canada

Yesterday's Workout: HR Zone 1 Bike
Bike Ride: 13.5miles/46mins

Really bummed that my Garmin 310xt is shorting out a lot of the distance. GPS has been dropping out and autopause feature has been on the fritz. So I dumped that expensive piece of junk ... and bought myself another one. Same brand. Same type. Creature of habit, I know.

Today's Workout: Ladder Swim
Repeat x3
100 warm up/easy
200 pull
300 normal
400 pull
200 cool down after final ladder
Total: 3200 yards. 58 minutes.

First official dip in the pool! In a flashback to the early spring of 2010, I woke up very early, chowed down a Cliff-Z Bar and cup of coffee, hopped in the car and got along to the 24Hr Fitness.

And just like the workouts last time, when it's super early (these days 5:30am, not 4:30am), I put on the local classical station, Classical KUSC, and listen to the works of 13-year old, 19th century prodigies.

The pool was quiet at 6am, so I got started. But by 6:45am it was jumping. I was able to complete my 60-minute workout without having to give up my lane. But for the future, these workouts start at 5:45am!

Happy to notice my neck and back, which have been sore due to poor cycle attire choices (slippery pants = bad seating = pressure on arms and neck = soreness!) did not bother me. And my stroke and pace are about where I was mid-season two years ago. I want to put more of my focus on my bike time and run time rather than the swim - it's such a small part of the day - that I am content where I am. Ironic, huh? A content triathlete...

Happy to have the chlorine behind me for today.


Bob Logan said...

And only 299 days until Christmas!

Emily said...

Next year, you get Lego Ironman for Wii!