Thursday, March 1, 2012

178 Days til Canada

Today's Workout:60-min bike ride.
Results: 18.70 miles / 1:02:03

With my new watch strapped to my wrist and the appropriate "chilly" apparel on, I rode down to the Pacific Ocean and back for today's workout. Focused on spending time in aero position to make sure my neck and shoulders and back get used to being dropped down and my core is engaged.

Later in the day, caught an article about Tabata sprints (which I normally think of as 20sec on/10sec off) for biking. Bicycle Lab provides evidence from experiments showing 30secs of "on" or "sprint" threshold with 4m30sec of "off" or "recovery" work is valuable in making quick cardio gains.

I first read about Tabata Sprints on Mark's Daily Apple, and I used them to train for the NYC Marathon in '09, which still is my PR. Coincidence? Probably not. Maximum results with minimal time spent. Good stuff.

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