Wednesday, March 14, 2012

165 Days....

Training is going well. I hit up the Municiple Plunge for the 1st time in a while on Sunday. It's a great feeling swimming (1650m) in clear and sunny waters.

Last Saturday I swam 4250 yards in 1:12. The IM distance. Did I do it because it was on my schedule ... not really. I did have a 1:15 scheduled. But really, my motive was to get that damn number behind me! I will not haunt myself with swimming "what if's". I will swim it enough to have confidence for the dip in August.

The rain forecast this weekend has me planning on a 90-minute spin indoors (bore-ing!) but I will do what I need to do.

Thus far in my training, the one thing I have struggled with in incorporating my friends into the workout time. I'd planned to involve more people, but it seems to be easier to train when the time is good for me. Factoring others' schedules in at the moment is daunting. I hope things lighten up when I wrap up TNT coaching up in June!

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