Wednesday, March 7, 2012

172 Days...

Yesterday's workout:
Swim: 1500yards/28mins
Run: 3.25m/25:46

Yesterday's workout schedule got all hitched up due to some unexpected overtime at work. I was able to squeeze in a run at lunch - my boss enthusiastically cheered me out of the office for the break. Spun around the neighborhood faster than I expected to - and I'm feeling a bit sore from it today.

Wanted to hit the pool last night after catching up with one of my friends. But 5 minutes before my clock out time I was asked to stay late and work. So the dinner plans fell through as did dreams of a long swim. I didn't want to drive myself to the pool after a long day, so it was a victory that I went. It was crowded, but I managed 1500 yards before conceding my lane to another waiting swimmer.

Today I'll lace up after work for a 45-minute run. I have the Malibu Night Half Marathon this weekend, so I'm keeping the midweeks lowkey. Looking forward to a trail run under the stars!

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