Friday, March 2, 2012

177 Days til Canada

The drawback of sleeping in is that you have to do your workout at night. After work. When your brain is tired. I used to enjoy running in the evenings after work when I lived near Griffith Park. But now that I'm in a more urban (ie traffic lights and cement) area, I'm less inclined to get out there post-sunset.

I do have two gyms (work gym and 24 Hr) that I can go to. But man, I hate the treadmill!

That said, today's run will be an evening one. And the weekend is also looking packed!
Today's Workout: 45 minute run
Saturday's Workout: Coaching TNT w 6miles; 60min Run; 60min Swim.
Sunday's Workout: 60min Bike; 45min Swim.
"Any idiot can train himself into the ground; the trick is working in training to get gradually stronger." Keith Brantly.

Almost done with Training Week 1!

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