Saturday, March 3, 2012

176 Days Until Ironman Canada

Only a quick summary of the past 24 hours...

Last night I laced up for a rare evening run. Having slept in Friday morning, I owed the IM gods a 45 minute workout. However, I decided that with my 5AM wake up on Saturday morning, I'd go easy on myself and only do 30 minutes.

Friday night run: 4.21miles/33 minutes ... blazin' speeds for me. A 7:49 average, which - 18 months ago - was normal. But 10 months ago was a dream. Happy to have a little bit of my step back.

Sunrise, Balboa Park. Team in Training Warriors Home Base

Saturday Workout: Coached the ever-awesome San Fernando Valley Marathon team through a 6-mile workout. I logged 8.3 for the day, which includes a fair amount of slow running and walking. Followed it up with 3200 yards in the drink in 59 minutes. Feeling good, amphibian-wise.

The bike and another hour in the pool await me tomorrow!

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