Sunday, March 4, 2012

175 Days...

Today's workout:
Bike: 22.44miles/1hr15sec
Swim: 3500yards/60mins

My garmin 310xt (the new one) is giving me hell. Apparently the Training Center Software (version 3.6.5) is the culprit of the rapid-fire auto pause and GPS dropout. I came to this conclusion after a very frustrating ride this morning. Within a minute of starting, the autopause fired off. I was angry, but rode anyway.

When I returned, I mapped out my ride and used the "Time" data (which is the only part that is accurate) to fill in the blanks for rpm, HR and calories. Did some research on the problem: uninstalled 3.6.5 Training Center and replaced with an older version. I hope this solves the problem or else Garmin will be receiving an unfriendly customer support call.

Went to the pool aiming for 45 minutes of stroke work. I was all agitated about my ride so I pounded out some sprints. Then calmed and did some pull bouy and paddle work. Efficient workout!

Sign on the exit door of the 24hr Fitness pool. I appreciate the encouragement!

Tomorrow is a grab bag day. I get to do whatever I want. It's part of my "compassionate training" mentality. The sunrise will decided - run, Insanity, bike, yoga or nothing at all.

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