Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up

The week caught up with me quicker than expected. It's almost Friday again. So I need to backtrack a bit. Sunday's 20 mile run was great for me. Legs felt fresh through 18 miles, then things started to go down hill. Not having run any more than 20 in a couple of months, I didn't feel quite as confident planning for the run - what to eat, how much to rest, etc. So I went as it as I would a race, and it worked out.

The key was eletrolyte tabs. The little pills are lifesavers (no, not the fruity kind) that keep my salt and potassium in balance. It was close to 90 degrees when we finished the run, and I was caked in salt. I could have taken a couple more. All in all, I felt I could have done 26 that day and been fine.

This week had ramped down a bit because of the taper. I took the whole of Monday off -- not even biking -- which was a little weird, but beneficial. Tuesday as a 6 miler in the morning, and yesterday was a lift day (also in the morning). My neighbors below me may or may not think I am crazy for doing jumping jacks as 6am, but no matter. Today, Thursday, is a bigger workout day. I've biked to work (5m) and have a run (6m) after work before biking home (5-6miles depending on the route). Tomorrow I will lift again, Saturday is a run 8 bike 20, and Sunday is a 12 miler followed by a bike. We'll ramp up for one more 20 miler next Sunday before the three-week taper to the race.

Thankfully no injuries or otherwise to report. Just cruising along through this intense stretch of workouts.

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