Monday, May 12, 2008

Simple Things

A new job at work has left my blog a little parched for words. The job isn't busy yet, but the adjustments to my daily schedule, and all of the learning that goes into the new position, have left me little time and energy to write. But now I'm back, and have quite a weekend workout under my belt.

Saturday - 6 miles of running and 16 miles of biking
Sunday - 16 miles of running and 14 miles of biking

All and all, a busy week of +30 running miles and +40 biking miles. I'm defintely tired, but happy that I am sticking to the peak training routine.

On Sunday, the San Diego Rock and Rollers ran their 20 miles, while us Alaskans did 16. Coach Kevin said something memorable that stuck with me through the run:

"Keep moving, and the miles will come"

It's a simple philosophy to espouse, but one that is much harder to practice. Patience and the relinquishing of control. Just keep moving, and things will happen. Just be patient and you will get there. It's the epitome of marathon training, and it's a lesson that should be applied to the rest of life. Give the competitive, Darwinistic drive a rest. Just do what you do and let the rest take care of itself.

During the run, I was concerned less with time than with my effort. I made sure to keep a comfortable pace and relaxed form. That attention to my patience, combine with 60 degree, overcast weather, led to a wonderful run.

I'm exhausted today, but know we have two more full weeks of peak training - 20 miles next Sunday, followed by a brief 12, then back to 20 for the top of the training mountain. Weekday runs are 60 minutes x 2, plus a track workout. I've got 2 days of lifting to complete, and am attempting some pre- and post- workday biking. Part of me looks forward to the taper weeks at the beginning of June. But the other part of me loves the excuse to be active.

It will be quite a task scheduling my time over the next two weeks, but at least at the end of the day I will sleep soundly.

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