Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Change in Schedule

Tomorrow is the first day of TNT for the Winter 2008 season, my fourth with the West Side Marathon crew.

I've made an adjustment to my schedule to accommodate my travel and training schedule. I will no longer be running on the Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon. Instead, I will be fundraising and training for the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in November. What's interesting about this schedule switch is that the half marathon comes a day before the Pasadena Full Marathon.

So ... I've been espousing the 39.3 in 2 days motto for the Goofy Challenge. But as it turns out, I will be doing this Nov 1 and 2. I will use the back-to-back races as a warm up for Goofy because, as it is part of my annual vacation tradition with my mom, I want to make sure both of those races go smoothly.

Within the week, I will have my TNT site up. I will be raising at least $1800 for the cause. For Al and Isabella Wilno especially.

Quick recap of the week:
10 miles today with Allegra and Brett. Great run around Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Look forward to moving to that area in a year or so.

30 miles of biking over the week. To and from work multiple times, and a longer ride this afternoon.

Tomorrow's TNT training is only 30 minutes, but I will supplement with 9-10 miles in Santa Monica, and maybe another bike ride. A good, productive week overall.

Also, this week I learned that I run by the Jonas' Brothers home on one of my well-trodden routes. 10 years ago, maybe I'd be enamored. Now ... staring at the cable bill ... I'm jealous!

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