Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fountain of Youth is...

Up and running! According to Reuters.

Looks like running makes you live longer than not running, at least when biology and genes are concerns. To play devils advocate, the article doesn't examine the increased risk of, say, getting hit by a car while running verses getting hit by a car while watching TV ... Oh those lurking variables.

I also think there is some sort of Einsteinian theory that objects in motion tend to age slower than objects at rest. It's the basis for a lot of time travel theories, in which people travel at light speed, only aging a bit, and return to Earth where hundreds of years have past.

A quick tangential explanation a la Brian Greene

Everything travels through space-time at a relative speed, and the constant we measure against is the speed of light. According to the article's little chart "Your head is moving through space and time at the speed of light. The faster your head moves through space, the slower it moves through time. ... Since you must travel constantly at exactly the speed of light, when you increase your speed through space, you decrease your speed through time."

Okay, I've managed to confuse myself a bit, but it all boils down to one thing - run faster, age slower .... relatively.

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