Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Round Up

Saturday - I overslepts and missed the Team in Training kickoff event at 9am. Bummer, I was looking forward to catching up with friends. Instead, I took the extra hour to bike around the park for a nice 18-mile trip. After that, headed to Santa Monica for a hilly workout with Brett along the Sunset Boulevard hills near the beach. Topped the run off with a set of the Santa Monica stairs. (See the YouTube video I did not shoot below. Video courtesy of someone named "hotgymgirl" which is a better name than Going For Goofy, I suppose.

Santa Monica Stairs - video powered by Metacafe

My legs are sore from the hills and stairs (9 miles total), but that didn't stop me from completing another medium distance run today, 8.5 miles in the Valley. It's very hot here. I look like I jumped out of the shower by the end of the run. And all of this sun is doing little to rid my wrist of the white-striped Garmin watch tan.

Looking ahead to this week, I'm thinking of working out longer distances but on less days. An increase of of daily mileage but not days worked out might give my legs mroe chance to rest. We'll see what happens.

Also a goal: Get my Team in Training fundraising kickstarted. I need to set up my website and send out my emails soon. You'll be hearing from me!

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