Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race Recap: Long Beach Half Marathon

Sore legs and smiling.

Last night I slept on a mattress that had too much in common with a wooden box for my liking. At an Extended Stay America hotel in Long Beach whose named I proved pretty ironic since I spent less than 10 hours there.

After the expo on Saturday, I killed some time by going to the movies to see Quarantine. Worthless. Does little to further or challenge the zombie film genre. Wants to be Cloverfield. Wants to be Blair Witch. I just didn't get it.

But that was the only damper on a good Race Weekend experience. The Long Beach Marathon weekend events took over downtown Long Beach, and I participated in the Half Marathon. It was a scenic, flat course that traversed the the marina, the downtown streets and the long biking path along the sand.

The Queen Mary (Saturday Night)

I finished in an almost-PR time of 1:56:07, just three seconds shy of my Philly Distance Classic run last September. I was running at about 80% effort and very aware of not pushing it to the max since I was down there alone without support in case of emergency.

After an exhilarating race, I came back up to Burbank and finished another workout of 7 miles. A nice, round 20 miler effort for the day. I am really happy to get in a peak distance around this time - Pasadena Full Marathon is only 4 weeks away!

Saturday will see another longer run, maybe 20 miles, maybe only 16 or 18. But after that, I'll be "tapering" for Pasadena with the Santa Barbara Half (Nov 1) and a light weekend in between the races.

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