Friday, October 3, 2008

Operation Up Earlier - Phase One Concludes

In order to prepare myself for my new running schedule, I've spent the week getting up earlier than normal, forcing myself to adjust. And as successful as it was, I'll admit this was only the easy part. See, I didn't get up and go running. I just got up. And went to work. I did shorter, more frequent workouts at night.

But today is the last day for that. Come next week (Tuesday, since Monday will be a rest day after a hard weekend), I'll attempt a 6mile/4.5mile/6mile midweek run schedule with hopes of boosting it to three 6 milers after the Pasadena Marathon in 6 weeks.

Speaking of races, I've got the Long Beach Half Marathon coming up on Oct. 13th. I don't have a taper schedule to follow since I'm training for more than one race at a time. I'll run medium/hard during the race and use that as a predictor for Santa Barbara in a month. Pasadena Marathon will be used as a medium/hard 20 miler with a 6.2 mile cool down. And then, home for Thanksgiving, and the Manchester Road Race with my family minus one Dad-who-does-not-run. He balked at my suggestion that I get him a treadmill desk. I happen to think they are pretty cool. But I also have a skewed sense of coolness.

City of Angels Half Marathon and Disney are still a little too far off to gage my workouts, and of course the end goal, the ultra, is still looming in the distance.

But for now, one day at a time. Hopefully, a day with an early start.

And a quick dental snapshot of the tooth they bone sawed:


Anonymous said...

nice teeth!
too bad all those years of braces didn't work.

Emily said...

thanks dad