Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Benefits of Dentist Appointments

There are very few benefits to going to the dentist. The noisey drills, the rinse-and-spit, the awkward way a stranger cradles your head and pokes around your gums ... not how I like to spend my time.

But having a 9:30am appointment does have its benefits - sleeping a little later and still getting a morning workout in, as was the case today.

I've been sore from Sunday's 15.5 miles (11 from the trail race and 4.5 with Amie around the Silver Lake Resevior). I haven't logged a long run like that since my back-to-back 13 milers during labor day weekend.

So my legs are still shaking off the soreness, and my alloted 60 minute workout this morning, pre-dentistry, was cut short. I got in 4 miles before feeling bogged down by the pounding. Likewise, I am still struggling to adjust to getting up and running. Morning runs used to be my bread-and-butter. My cheese-and-crackers. But summer turned me into an evening owl, and the traffic-free paths at Griffith Park spoiled me.

Although I didn't complete the full workout this morning, I'm still pretty psyched that I got up and did it. I'll finish off 2-3 more miles tonight before dinner, and I hope that the heat breaks before I get started. It's about 6pm right now and still in the +90s.

And my teeth are healthy, shiny and now a bit cleaner. And my uneven front tooth has been filed down in its place. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

let's see your before and after pictures of your teeth.