Sunday, September 7, 2008

TNT Race Report: Week 4

I sit here with my jigsaw puzzle and a bowl of Kashi Good Friends (you know, the cereal with the two old people on it, proclaiming 50% RDA of fiber per serving...) and I can't help admitting my old-soul mentality. Last night I was watching Nick at Nite's TV Land ... That's right, I turn 65 next week.

My feet would tend to agree today. A moderate workout weekend has just passed. Friday was a post-work 10K around the park. My legs were still feeling the affects of a back-to-back half marathon experience from Labor Day, and I was a little frustrated with the 9:04 average pace.

So to remedy the leaded legs, I took off from running on Saturday, opting for a longer bike ride that usual. Finished almost 34 miles in about 2hrs and 15 mins, but the heat (90 in the valley) left me a little dizzy. Sunday I returned to TNT after missing last week's practice for Disneyland. Our pace group pushed pretty hard for a 7.5 mile run, averaging 8:30 on our runs, and 9:40 including the walk breaks. Too fast for a slow Sunday run. I am going to have to take a nice, slow jog sometime this week to make up today's pacing.

In other news, fundraising is up to around $450! Thanks all who contributed! Maia and I are working on two events, which will hopefully contribute a bit more to the cause.

Tomorrow I'll run home from work and bike back Tuesday. I hope to get in a couple more biking days in - I've grown fond of the clip shoes.

No more races on the immediate horizon, so I'll keep on trucking until Sept 26th!

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