Friday, September 19, 2008

A Look at the Weekend

A look back at the week and a prediction of the weekend ahead.

After today's longer run, I'll have tallied 18 miles during the week. Not great, but not poor either. Running about average. Tuesday's run was a nice and easy pace, which is hovering around 9:10/mile right now. Yesterday's shorter, faster workout was 4 miles at 8:14/mile. Tonight I am going to go for a tempo run with a slower warm up speed and a quicker end. When I run from work to the park and back, there is a flat 1/2 mile stretch at the beginning/end of the run. It's a great warm up strip and final push length.

Tonight, I believe, will be the last post-work run for a long time. The days have gotten shorter. The sun is no longer up after 7:15pm. And since I don't leave the office with enough time to get in a hour workout, I'm resigned to the fact that, starting next week, I'll be back to morning runs.

So the grocery list this weekend will include lots of coffee.

Also this weekend, I'm going to do a reverse brick workout - meaning I am going run and then bike with little transition time. I am planning on a 6 mile run followed by a 30 mile bike ride. It's about a 3hr 15min workout in total.

Sunday is an early morning at Team In Training. 8 miles with the team, although since my group is made up of full marathoners who are running 11, I may stick with them and do the full course. After that, I'm I'll have my bike in the car and will head out along the running route for about 20 more miles on Max.

I'm tired already thinking about it. But there are many miles to go before I sleep.

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