Saturday, November 15, 2008

20 Hours Til Pasadena...

And as if 90 degrees and windy conditions aren't enough, it appears that though we will contend with fire as well. North of Pasadena, the Angeles National forest in Sylmar is burning. Pardon my glibness at such a dangerous events, but ... there goes the clean air.

As Christine at SneakerStories remarked,

The forecast is for 90°F weather. In case you've missed tearing a few pages from the old calendar - it's November. The average high in Pasadena is 74°F; the record high: 90°F (1949). Yep, I'll be doing a half marathon in heat that Pasadena hasn't seen in November in 60 years.

One day I'm just going to get it over with and do a race on the surface of the sun.

If I hear of any more earthquake/hurricane/tornado/hail, I'll post.


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Roger, Gone Green said...

Not to stress you out, but the high today one block north of the course at Orange Grove and Madison was 93.4 degrees; the good news is it hit that figure around noon, and faded right quick.

But the race starts at 6:00 AM, and this morning the temp on the course was 56 F at 6:00; three hours later it had barely hit 75 F.

Friends and supporters can check the weather on the course at
There is a map and multiple stations reporting in the lower right corner of the page. . Good Luck!