Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back from 2 Week Hiatus

Sorry to be brief, but I am in the middle of election coverage-watching at the moment.

To recap the 2 weeks I went MIA from the blog:

I completed the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in a personal best, 1:55:23 on Saturday! Thank you to all who helped me raise $1600 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Santa Barbara

In less than two weeks, I will completed my 39.3 challenge with the Pasadena Full Marathon event, Nov 16th.


I've gotten into the swing of getting up early for morning runs since the clocks have changed. This morning's 5 mile run will get an encore tomorrow morning, hopefully bolstered by the news of a regime change in Washington DC.

I've gotten back on a lifting program to balance out my running and biking. The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD sometimes kicks by butt. I like to do all three workouts at once, for a 45 minute cardio-weight session. I'm usually really sweaty after. Hopefully it will make me stronger and less prone to injury.

As the months creep closer to The Goofy Challenge and the American River 50 miler, I have to start strategizing my workouts. I'm going to be hitting the pavement more and focusing on running rather than biking. Rest becomes a huge issue, because doing 50-70 miles a week in not currently in my schedule. After Pasadena, I will slowly start to ramp up my weekly mileage to 40-45 miles a week before beginning what I consider THE BIG TRAIN (ie. the 16 week session that leads up to the race)

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