Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mid trip recap

I am sitting in Vegas waiting to depart for los angeles, so I figured I'd catch up on the recaps I promised. Please forgive spelling errors, the keys on this phone are lilliputian!

Last sunday I returned to TNT for a 20 mile run with the group that is running the Honolulu marathon in a couple weeks. I've be reluctant to recap it because recapturing the run is not something I can accurately do. It was a great run, comfortable pace, good company ( me, chris, joe, and joe's friends dash and caspar). It took us about 3:10 to finish but it really felt like it flew by. The crude humor of 20something frat boys also helped.

I'm feeling pretty good about the Goofy race in 6 weeks. It will be a lot of miles in 2 days for me and consecutive 3am wake up calls. But I think my year long training plan will prevail.

Between now and Goofy I start my 50 miler program, but the training workouts that come before the Goofy race are not all that different from my normal routine. So it shouldn't stress my legs too much.

Speaking of not stressing my legs, today is clearly a travel day, no workout time available...nevertheless I am hungry!!

I wish Southwest offered sandwiches. Peanuts just don't cut it.

20 mins til takeoff. More posts later!

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