Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick Notes as the Week Winds Down

A semblance of random neuron firings before I go to bed:

--I've started my ultra training 2 weeks early because, hey, you can't be too prepared.

--I've also started a club (membership one: me) that gets up at 5:40am to go running for 5-9 miles. It's a jet lag hangover from Thanksgiving that I am trying to extend as long as possible - as is evidence by the reference to "go to bed" and timestamp of this post, around 8:50pm.

--There is something very peaceful about running while the world sleeps (either at night or in the morning). Riverside drive (and the Bob's Big Boy it houses) is all quiet until about 7:30am.

--I found three socks with holes this week. Two were good socks (Balega), and one wasn't, but I found the hole while I was on a run. Later, I found a blister on my heel.

--23 miles down this week. 9 or so more tomorrow morning. Going biking riding with my friend Brett on Saturday, then a long run on Sunday. It's a good schedule.

--Just over a month until Mom and I head to Disney for the races and then vacation!!

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