Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Recap

Less than a month until the Goofy Challenge
Ultra Marathon Training Week 2

Weekly Mileage: 48
Cross Training: 80 minutes (40 only weights / 40 aerobic weights)
Total Workout Time: 9.1 hours

I’m getting more and more excited for the upcoming Disney Races. As you can probably tell from the title of this journal, the Goofy Challenge has been a year in the making for me. And it’s been a year of training for my Mom for the half marathon – I’m sure she’s just as excited to get the races completed as I am. And most importantly, I’m looking forward to spending a week in the parks! I don’t expect too many crowds, so we will be able to get a lot done in the days we are there.

Also of note, I completed my second of 18 weeks of ultra training for the Sacramento race. As you can see, I’m logging not only my mileage and cross-training, but the total time of my feet as well. I’ve read a lot that, beyond medium weekday and long weekend runs, it’s important to stay on your feet as much as possible over the weekend in order to simulate the race conditions. A 50 mile run will take me double-digit hours, but my peak training will only take me to 9 hours over two days (30 miles Saturday and 20 miles Sunday). So in order to condition myself for the day’s event, I’m really paying attention to staying up and active after my Sat/Sun workouts.

Outside of actual running, I spent a lot of time around the sport and around runners this weekend. Saturday, my teammate Seth and I tabled for Team in Training at the Santa Monica/Venice Holiday race. I squeezed in 16 miles before the evening. Saturday night I went to Brett's Going Away Dinner (the first of two), and all in attendance were running friends. After another LSD on Sunday (9 miles), I went to Sports Chalet to pick up a new hydration pack and some endurance food (Jelly Belly Sport, Shot Blocks, Cliff Z-Bars, Soyjoys).

Today is a rest day with a full week of workouts ahead. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all consist of 9 miles runs, and Wednesday is a 5 miler followed by 30 minutes of weights. Friday night I head back east for two weeks, where both the temperature and the terrain will force me to adapt my workouts a bit. Some treadmill time, some more rolling New England hillsides.

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