Monday, December 22, 2008

Home for the Holidays

It's been a busy past two/three days as I made my way across the storm-stricken country back to New England. My itinerary was a gamble, I knew this ahead of time - two different airlines, three flights, including a layover during a red eye. It was a BAD gamble.

Original itinerary had me flying from LA to Vegas at 9pm at night, then catching a different carrier's red eye flight from Vegas to Cincinnati, and then Cincinnati back to New England.

Well, because it snowed in Vegas and it NEVER snows in Vegas, planes were delayed big time. My first flight was delayed almost two hours, causing me to miss my 11:55pm flight out of Sin City. And, thus, making me miss my connection in Cin City.

And would you believe that in Vegas, the airport basically shuts down after 11pm. I managed to catch an over-sold flight to Minneapolis that left at 1am. And by the grace of my SkyMiles points, also flew standby on a 7:00am from Minneapolis to our home airport.

But the ulcers caused by the journey may never heal! I'm a planner, and nothing went according to plan. Lucky for me, I got home Saturday midmorning. Had I been delayed longer, I may not be writing this from home. It might be typed from another airport in the midwest. Flights appear to be at a standstill.

So what was to be my "rest day" for training turned out to be unrestful, despite my lack of formal exercise. I did run through the Vegas airport carrying my 20 pound suitcase, so that has to count for something. And the stomach clenching I involuntarily performed while waiting to see if I'd get on a plane was the equalvalent to a two-hour ab workout.

Yesterday I got back to normal, if normal is defined by a long, mind-numbing treadmill run for three hours. 18 miles on the little hamster wheel. Music, CSI: NY and HGTV kept my sanity in a healthy range. Following the workout with Recoverite, which I am trying for the first time. Seemed to work because today I feel great. Hungry, yes, but great.

Looking forward to the "vacation" schedule at home. I can workout when I want to - I don't have to rise at 5am to get in miles before work. Although the departure from my routine does throw me for a loop (again, I am a planner), it's nice to take it easy for a couple of weeks.

And speaking of a couple of weeks - 3 weeks until THE GOOFY CHALLENGE!

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