Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Vocabulary

In my workout life, the terms negative splits, threshold, tempo and LSD have been replaced with a new set of words to describe what I ask myself to do each today. I find myself rattling off more acronyms than exist in half a block of Washington DC. But what I like about these new-found vocab words and phrases is that they are simple, and therefore they entrench me in a flood of statistics. My refrigerator displays the following:

LHT - Lift Heavy Things - in other words, spend 15-minutes once a week and 30-minutes another day lifting heavy things. Vary your movements. Carry a log up a trail. Do incline pushups. Burpees! Anything that includes body weight is fair game, and any weigh added is a plus!

PEM - Primal Essential Movements - of which there are FOUR:

Push Ups
Pull Ups

That's all you need to build upon. For me, since I have a stronger lower body and weaker upper body, I have been doing modified pull/push ups and extra weighted squats and planks. What's significant is not the amount of variation of exercise completed, but the simplicity of FOUR movements that make your workout whole. You need not do more than this!

Play - Basketball, playground, wide open field. Do what you feel like doing! Sometimes I ride my bike. Sometimes I jog slow. On Wednesday, I jogged to the local playground and hanged from the monkey bars. Twice this week, I took 40 extra minutes to walk to work, simply to enjoy the spring flowers. Play is just that ... PLAY. Everything we knew as kids but put aside for other obligations.

O6:O3 ratio
- I know that the ratio of ingested fats - classified as Omega 6 and Omega 3 - should be 1:1 per the primal lifestyle. Mark shares more on this. I need to dig deeper into this info to really understand it.

The whole point of my primal experience is to detach from all of the numbers and just enjoy the experience. All of these little phrases are helping me do so.

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