Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vanity, Thy Name is ...

6 weeks into the Primal Blueprint switch. Less working out. More eating meat. Less running. More walking. Less not lifting. More, well, lifting. But certainly not a lot of lifting dumbbells, plates or resistance bands. Just lots of lifting myself - over the pull up bar, off the ground with my arms, up after squatting. And occasionally holding myself up in a plank position.

Turns out these workouts are making me a bit stronger. Not Superman or Stretch Armstrong, yet. But strong enough for me to be vain. Case in point: I am sitting in my boss's office during a meeting. My arm is stretched out over the top of the couch where I sit. My arm is slightly twisted back, causing my tricep to face me. Midway through the meeting, I notice it. And I flex it. And there is an unfamiliar bump there. I flex it a couple more times - hey, that's my muscle! I poke it. It's definitely stronger.

And then I realize I am still in a meeting. And it's not a meeting about my triceps, so I should probably pay attention. But later on my lunch break, I knocked out 60 pushups, just to make sure the the muscle-bump doesn't go anywhere. It's growing on me.

Mark Sisson claims that one of the side effects of going primal is something called LGN - Look Good Naked. Well, I can't speak for the rest of my body, but these arms will be in short-sleeves for the summer.


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