Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All downhill until Race Day

Sunday marked the exit point for peak training. A second 20-miler for the moose crew while the Rock and Rollers were running their 26.2 down in San Diego. Only 6-7 of us were there for the long run along Ocean Park Boulevard and San Vicente, but with cooler weather and less of a parade of TNTers along the way, the run was manageable.

I ran with Kelly and Pete, and since he's got some knee issues that have kept him pool-bound this season, we took it easy. We did 3-1 intervals the entire way, and I have to admit that I loved them, very much! It is much easier to maintain a pace when you have a finite amount of time you know you have to run. We shuffled along the route, averaging an 11min/mile with the walks. We finished just under 4 hours, and I felt wonderful. It was as if I hadn't run 20 at all. Sure, the toes were a bit sore, and my legs felt the pressure of the jog. But it was quite a pleasant run, and a reassurance that we are ready for race day.

And since Mom and Dad are in town visiting, I had a bunch of muffins waiting for me at the end of the run. I don't think I have ever downed two muffins so fast (one was bran and one was...I can't remember, it was just delicious!)

Yesterday's 45 min maintenance run (5miles) left me a bit tired. I am looking forward to an easy run tonight with my friend Amie (followed by sushi dinner!) and then a nice 5 miler on Thursday. On Saturday I will again run with my mom around Toluca Lake. Sunday is a 12 miler, and then its two weeks til Alaska!

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