Monday, June 23, 2008

A Look at What's Next

The Immediate
I am in day one of two of a vegan, gluten-free detox. Lots of veggies and fruit and almonds. No bread, dairy or processed foods. I'm hoping it will reset my body to my pre-race diet (which was a lot lighter than it has been the past two weeks. But I can't complain, I needed the energy)

Tomorrow I will do a "soft" 3 mile run. I say soft because that is how I will have to run in order to ease my quads into workouts again.

The Long Term
This blog is about the Goofy Challenge in January, but my schedule has grown to accomodate other events/goals/indulgences. Here's a look at the next 7 months:

-Disneyland Half Marathon - Aug 31. Looking forward to training with my friend Amie for her first marathon

-Pasadena Full Marathon - Nov 16 - I may treat this one as a serious race for which I will try and achieve some new goal

-Walt Disney World Half Marathon - Jan 10, 2009 - With my mom. What I have been training for all year

-Walt Disney World Full Marathon - Jan 11, 2009 - The second half of a long weekend

-Arizona Rock and Roll Full Marathon - Jan 17, 2009 - Yes, a week after the Goofy Challenge. TNT means to much to me to take time off. I'll be running to enjoy it, and I can't wait to begin the Winter Season in August.

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