Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the Run

Scientists seem to have found a link between Fitness and Crime. Maddan, Walker and Miller have studied inmates in an Arkansas prison system, and their findings show that the prisoners were at their fittest upon entering the facility. Mind you, they used BMI to calculate fitness, and we all know that BMI isn't the most accurate formula in predicting health.

“Those who are fit may have personalities that are more likely to make them violent,” Dr. Walker said in an e-mail message.
It's an interesting link they draw, and it isn't all that farfetched to associate the "runner's high" flood of endorphins with the chemical rush associated with that of a crime spree or violent streak ...

Personal experience with crime? No. None. Except for crimes of fashion. Does anyone actually look good in running spandex?

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Mary Gee said...

I think that is a crazy study! Did they ever bother to study the BMI on people who are having knee and hip replacement surgeries?

I am committing some major fashion crimes on this Alaska trip.

Good Luck!