Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Heat Goes On

The heat continues to bake the San Fernando Valley and I got caught out in it on a 14 miler on Saturday. My lack of humility toward the weather got the best of me. Maybe I was still high off of the 50-degree Alaska run last week. Either way, I was aware of my ill-preparedness going out the door at 10:30, and shrugged off of reservations.

No hat, no salt, one bottle of water (I thankfully refilled a couple of times at the park fountains), no sunglasses. I took off at my race pace and felt good until mile 8.65. Then it hit me. No shade, 90 degrees, little water and tired legs. Awful. It was an out and back run, so I had 6 miles left. I got a little nauseaus on the way back and resorted to one-one intervals. I completed the first 8.65 miles in 1hr 24, and the last 6 in 1hr 26mins. That's how much I was hurting.

Collapsed next to my fridge when I got back. Chugged some cranberry juice and sat in the shower tub for a good 10 minutes to bring my core temp down. Sore the rest of the day.

Lesson learned - Don't be stupid or arrogant. Prepare dilligently for runs and don't underestimate the weather, the mileage or my fatigue.

(Thankfully Sunday's bike ride and short run went off without a hitch. Back in action!)

And another note - great to see my teammates at our pizza reunion this afternoon. Yet another reason I will be rejoining Team In Training. Wonderful, fun people.

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