Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#NoLimits - Day One Results

Day One of the 7-day #NoLimits Challenge is complete!!

We asked you to do as many crunches as you can in one day (21 hours, to be exact). Here are your results. If you put in the work, the red bar is running up for you!

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Today's clear winner is our IronTeammate and Spirit Captain Amy Richard! Can Ale or Marvin unseat the Core Queen with tomorrow's workout? Will anyone hovering around the x-axis step in and blow them all out of the water? We're willing to put our money behind some sleeper players...

A quick review of the rules and Day Two's instructions.

1) Each day, we give you one activity. You have between 12:00am - 9:00pm of that day to get in as many repetitions as you can. Keep a running tally for the day - we're going for a cumulative number, not just however many you can get in a row in one set. Use the entire day!

2) Your daily count ends at 9:00pm no matter what time zone you live in. Each night, report back via email by 9:00pm PST. The graph will be updated and published that night or the next morning. You'll get to see exactly how you stack up against the competition. We encourage side bets! Get on facebook or twitter, call someone out, and then get at it.

3) There are a few ways to "win" against everyone else - Be in the top 3 for the day, or be in the top 3 for the running total for the entire 7 days. Meaning, we're taking every single rep of every single workout you do and adding it together

So for Day Two, we challenge you ... How many seconds can you plank during the day? How long can you go? That's what she said. Report your numbers in seconds on Wednesday night by 9:00pm.

Ready, set, hold!

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