Thursday, March 28, 2013

#NoLimits - Day Three Results

Guess what? Many of you deserve this t-shirt:

Congratulations on getting through a day of one of the most despised (yet beneficial) no-weight, full-body exercises. Yes, they are difficult and draining. Yes, they will make you stronger.

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Ale clocked 303 burpees today, just edging out Amy RG. Those red bars are screaming toward the top of the challenge! But let's also take a look at the battle going on a few inches below. Grant and Marvin - you two are almost neck-in-neck. Which one of you will defiantly and definitely take the lead tomorrow? Well, that's up to you. A classic East Coast / West Coast battle.

Hey there Sanjay, Jessica, Melissa, Scott, Laura, Terissa, Bobbi, Lauren, Holly, Andrea, Jason, Rona, Megan, Niki and Ryanne - we'd love to hear from you tomorrow. If you're feeling up for a challenge, then prepare to sit up many, many times.

Good work folks. Three down and four to go. Day Four's activity combines two of our favorite things - Bicycles and Crunches! That's right - your next workout is bicycle crunches. Opposite knee to opposite elbow. Don't bend that neck. Use your abs. Any wanna push some limits and go for 500 in one day? We dare you.

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HANNHUNG said...

Must have that shirt.