Thursday, March 7, 2013

#MissionPossible: Day Two Results


Good job on the gut check. Core, core, core and more core will allow you to repel down walls, jump from rooftops, pick locks and do triathlons. Your PoundChallenge Bosses will continue to impress this upon you every workout. Continue progressing as a spy, and you'll impress a nice toned midsection upon yourself.

Day Two Results:
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Congratulations on the second day of training. If you've graduated onto the next level, you're about to gain a little bit of agency over your workout. Choose wisely. You are only as strong as you train yourself to be. It's ten minutes of your day. And you can do it anywhere.

#Missionpossible accomplished before security line. One decoder ring, two camera pens and a bottle of water confiscated.

If you are still on Stealth or Guts, keep at it. There is time to catch up. And remember - if you do at least half of the bonus workouts, you get to play along on Bonus Day Eight. One of you will be declared the most elite spy. It looks good on your resume. Trust us. It's how we got these jobs.

Stay vigilant. Stay in the shadows. Stay hydrated. Stay hungry for more.

Some background info for the Non-Operatives reading: #MissionPossible is a 7-day challenge that includes a short-but-intense daily workout. All those little strength exercises you are "supposed to do but never get around to" as an athlete are on the list. The workout comes out daily and the results are published the following morning. Challenges like this, #plankchallenge and #2500crunches are open to everyone. The more the merrier. It's the motivation and accountability provided by the group that makes this fun. And there's always room for some (healthy) competition among players.

Since we are already one badge down, we are no longer accepting recruits for this week. However drop us a line at if you want to be informed about future #challenges. And if you want to continue to follow along with updates during the day, follow @hesort and @goingforgoofy. We're hilarious. And charming. And have great fashion sense. Really.

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