Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#NoLimits - Day Two Results

How's your core feeling today? ABS-olutely awesome? We hope so. If you haven't started the challenge yet, fear not! Feel free to tag in to day three (it's a doozy!) If you're starting out and you'd rather start with Day One (crunches) or Day Two (planks) that's okay too. Just let us know when you report in!

We have two shout outs today - First goes to the heated race between Amy RG and Ale H! Amy had the lead on crunches yesterday, but Ale logged over 36 minutes of planks today! Give that girl some clothes to clean on that washboard tummy! More than half of the previous #plankchallenge taken out in one day. Amy was no slouch either, getting in 25 minutes of planking herself.

Nice work both of you. Anyone out there want to try and catch'em?

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Second shout out goes to Marjorie C. Here at #challenges, we enjoy hearing about how much you like the workouts we prescribe. If you email us with comments, we try to get back to you. Well, today we heard from Marjorie - in a big and thoughtful way - thank you so much for your donation to the Ironteam! A lot of you know how important Team in Training is to us. Many of you are participants, staff and alumns. The #challenges we offer are open to everyone, and are completely free, but it is always a HUGE heartwarming gesture when someone donates to one of our favorite causes. So, in short, thanks mucho!

Now onto Day Three: Men, Ladies, Warriors, Princesses, Warrior Princesses ... ready, set, BURPEE. As many as you can.

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HANNHUNG said...

did my measley 6 minutes even register? -Holly