Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#MissionPossible: Day Seven Results - The End!


We are thoroughly pleased with your efforts for this week. Outstanding work. It's been fun for us to hear about how much you loved/hated the workouts and how pleasantly sore you are after them. 11 of you completed every single workout and at least half of the bonuses. Your names are in red, and you've received the Bonus Day workout via email. Report back to us your progress. One of you will be declared most elite.

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To all of you, thanks for playing along! We hope you feel a little bit stronger than you did seven days ago. And we hope that you'll come back and do another challenge! For those reading who did not participate this round, you're welcome to join the (sometimes painful) fun! Email us at and we'll get you on our list.

We are going to take a break from #challenges, and we'll be starting the next on March 19. In the meantime, there are two things you can do. We'll be emailing you a survey (8 questions, you can't get them wrong) to see what new challenges you'd like to do. Please take a minute to response. Second, start back at Day 1 of this, #plankchallenge or #2500crunches and keep going!

Stay stealthy, gutsy, creative, trickly, seductive, agile and smart. And continue to work that core!

The Agents

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