Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When the weeks get busy, either mentally or physically, I am faced with a paradox. You really have to make the effort to workout. The free time is there, but finding a big enough time slot in which to do the work is tricky. The irony is that, with all of the time it takes to manage my workouts, to find the time, it is the workout itself that relieves stress....make sense? Finding the time = stressful. Doing the work = rewarding.

I've gotten a bunch of running and biking miles in this week, and I plan on getting more running miles tomorrow, but I am really relying on this weekend to amp up my numbers. We've got an 8 miler for TNT Sunday morning, but I am going to squeeze in 10-15 running miles on Saturday, and atleast 30 miles of biking between Sat and Sun. So that should put me somwhere in the 25-30 run / 60 bike miles for the week.

Funny, I swear that I don't like math, but all of these numbers intrigue me. It's a game. Aim for 30 run and 80 bike, and see how close I can get each week. And within the game, I am getting a little better, a little strong, and a little more confident for Goofy.

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