Monday, March 31, 2008

The "Week Off"

28 miles running and 20 miles biking - certainly that isn't an indication of taking time off, but relative to my usual routine, I scaled back this week. Although it was, as noted below, a slow week at work, I decided to take it easy on the weekend. I hosted my volleyball coach and a close friend, both from college, in my little studio apartment. I attended both Saturday's and Sunday's practices (5 and 10 miles respectively) but I kept Max the Bike cooped up in my kitchen. Between outings to Santa Monica, Pasadena and Hollywood, there was just not enough time to get the workouts in.

One of the most important things to training is being flexible (says the girl who worships routine). When you work hard for something, you value that work and you put a lot of expectations toward the results. Being able to step back and say, "I am going to take it easy" or "This week is about something other than physical limits" is a nice dose of healthy balance. It's something I'd been missing for a while.

That said, now its back to the wonderful grind that is training. I've officially (ie - I've announced to the appropriate coaches and affiliates) declared myself for the 2009 Vineman Ironman Triathlon. This blog and my training is all about the Goofy Challenge right now, but come September -still 4 months from Goofy- I will be picking up more triathlon tendencies to prepare for next year.

Today was an easy 4 miles. Tomorrow, most likely I'll tally a 6 mile tempo run and a bike ride to and from work. Wednesday is a hill workout. Thursday is bike only, or a short 3 miler. Friday is rest. And Saturday, with accompanying pictures, is the Great Race of Agoura Hills. It's a challenging 10K in Malibu. I am psyched. Last year the course kicked my butt, but I am all ready for it this time. Sunday finishes the week with a half marathon (13 mile) run for practice. I plan on sleeping a lot Sunday!

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