Sunday, March 23, 2008

TNT Week 7 - The Easter Edition

Easter already and the second day of spring. Boy was it hot at the beach this morning. Arrived in Santa Monica at 7am, and it was already 65 degrees. The sun was barely coming up over the horizon. Our 8-mile run (longest so far for Alaska folk), took just over an hour, and by the time we finished, the temp was pushing 80-degrees. Clearly the "summer" part of the summer season had truly kicked in.

Out on the sand there were a couple of large groups celebrating Easter with a sunrise/beach Mass. Although the TNT group was only half represented, group 12 had a strong showing. The 12 of us run to Marina Del Rey and back. We distracted ourselves through the Speedway (miles 2.5 - 5.5) by playing alphabet games, naming drinks and movies in alphabetical order. As I've mentioned before, the Speedway is a stretch of road that runs behind the condos that are right on the sand. Small side roads run perpendicular and moving north to south, the streets are named alphabetically: Anchor, Buccaneer, Catamaran, Driftwood...etc all the way to Yawl. (There is no "z" street).

After the run, I headed back home and hopped on my bike. Took a ride to work, where I put in a couple hours prepping for a meeting we have with the company's CEO tomorrow *(Very Important Meeting). After the work, biked back. Thankfully I didn't spend too long in the sun. While the beach was hot, the valley is even hotter. We are pushing 90 degrees right now, and I am sporting a tan and a pink face.

The Weekend: 17.53m run / 32.6m bike
Week Totals: 29 m run / 55.23 bike

I'm thrilled with the numbers this week. I can feel the effort in my legs today. I'll be biking to work this week and trying to get in some quality run miles as well. I've got company next weekend, which throws my schedule for a loop, so we'll see what next week looks like. Until then ... :)

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