Sunday, March 2, 2008

TNT Race Report: Week Four

7:15AM on the day of the Los Angeles Marathon. The streets of Burbank were quiet, but just down the road, thousands of runners were prepping for their own 26.2 journey.

I, on the other hand, ventured west into the Santa Monica mountains for a 7 mile trail run in Westridge Canyon. As you can see, it was a beautiful day. I climbed up a hill to snap these pictures before practice started. I'll update the site once Chris puts the team photos on our West Side website.

The Trailhead

The Parking Lot

Sun's Coming Up

West, Toward the Beach


More Hills


More Mountains


And last but not least, something you can't actually see from these photos. This is the elevation map of where we ran. 3.5 miles uphill, then 3.5 miles down hill. My legs are definitely feeling it.

We ran from Westridge entrance to the Nike Tower, which isn't named for the shoe company, but rather was a Missile Tower that was supposed to help bring down enemy bombers in WWII

Finished in about 80 minutes, then headed to brunch with a group of runners. Back home I hopped on the bike, putting in 15 miles or so. Finished the weekend with 14 running miles and 39 biking miles. I didn't aim for 39 bike miles, but I realize that's the magic number for Goofy Weekend! Seems like a LOT of running!

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