Sunday, March 9, 2008

TNT Report: Week 5...I think

What week is it? I'm not sure, feels like we are well into the season. 8 miles down in foggy Marina Del Rey. There is no rest for the weary thanks to daylight savings time. Woke up at the Time Formally Known as 4:50am in order to eat and get down to the Marina. I was with the Walk group this week, and spent most of the time chatting with Ciji, who is planning to walk the full San Diego Marathon. We only did 8 miles today, and I can tell you that walking a marathon is an incredible feat. It's a different kind of mentality from running because when you walk the miles don't quite fly by. You are planning on being out there for +7 hours. I think I'd rather get it done in 4 hours instead.

Chris shared his story today. As always, it was very emotional and motivational. If you haven't read about Chris Wilno's journey to TNT and his subsequent achievements, dig through the archive of my old blog ( and read it.

Got back up to my apartment for lunch. Ate quickly then headed out for 20 miles on my bike. Puts my weekend total to 15 miles run / 8 walk / 20.5 biked. A little skewed because of the walking, but my legs are definitely sore from Saturday. It's good to know that going into Goofy Weekend, the day before the marathon will only be 13.1 miles on my legs, not 15. I could have done a marathon today...very slowly, no doubt. But this gives me hope that I will be well prepared next January if I keep on track.

Virtually, I am almost made it across the country:

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